Why White Subway Tiles Are So Popular

Subway tiles are mostly preferred for family and home use for their simplicity and beauty. There are different shades of the white subway tile, ranging from beveled white subway tile, subway backsplash, to bright white ice subway tiles.

Shades of the White Subway Tile

Before talking about why the white subway tiles are so popular, we need to know the various types of subway shades.

Beveled White Subway Tile

This tile is pure white that is, the shade is very rare to find. The advantage of this tile is that it is hard hence hard to break. Its popularity is boosted by the fact that it is an attractive tile that is easy to add a splash of contemporary styling to a home’s décor.

Subway Backsplash

The tile is also a classic and stylish choice especially for a kitchen, this tile is a great backdrop to shelves or colorful artworks, subway backlash can be installed sideways which turns out to be much more interesting

Bright White Ice Subway Tiles

This tile is strictly a wall tile, they offer a long lasting beauty that is versatile, affordable and easy to maintain. These tiles are simple in design. They are white in color and are well polished.

The Price

Subway tiles are relatively affordable ranging from $3 to $13, they are packed in a box of 12 sq. ft. containing 8 tiles per square foot

The Size

Subway tiles come with a variety of sizes from 3″ by 6″, 2″ by 4″ or 4″ by 8″ giving a variety of useful options, wall tiles are best thin and lighter while heavy and thick tiles suit the floor which is an option available with subway tiles.


Subway tiles would gain popularity for their variety usage as they can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom wall and floor, as much as floor tiles would need to be heavier and thicker like the terracotta tiles in order to withstand furniture weight and foot activities, the subway tiles poses a suitability for both the wall and the floor though they are best used as wall tiles for a long lasting and durable solution
Terracotta tiles are also a beautiful mix of earthen and red hues that wash in the swooping clouds of color to create a unique yet subdued images on the surfaces of all fired tiles. This is highly influenced by the iron deposits that are contained in the clay used to manufacture terracotta tiles.
The subway tiles is ceramic, which makes many people prefer it than most tiles which are made from clay. In order to achieve the best outcome and beauty on home walls then white subway tiles are the best choice making it a family’s favorite.

Author: clé

clé is a new searching and shopping experience for anyone in need of classic tile, ceramic tile and artistic tile accumulated from two perspectives- yours and ours. It's a complete exploration of every aspect of tile- from the way we imagine tiles, pursue artistic collaborations with artists and designers and even in the way we offer tiles to our clients.

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