Tips on how to Install Terracotta Tiles

Are you wondering where to get tips of laying terracotta tile? This is the right place to be.

Prepare and clean the surface

After the right terracotta tiles are chosen and ready for installation on any surface, be it a wall, exterior or house interior, it is prudent that the surface is cleaned to ensure proper bonding. A standard level of cleaning should be achieved through thorough cleaning. For rough surfaces, a stiff brush should be used to scrub all the dirt.
Eventually, the intended surface should be cleaned using a combination of water and another suitable solvent such as trisodium phosphate.

Fill in any existing crack or concrete

After the cleaning, it is recommended that any existing crack or damage on the surface, which is to be tilled should be repaired using a crack filling membrane. Normally, a thin mixed mortar is used to cover the holes and cracks. The mortar is smoothed with a trowel to achieve a uniform gradient on the surfaces.

Dry-lay the tiles

Terracotta tiles need to be soaked in water and allowed to dry before they are set for laying. The main reason for soaking the tiles is to ensure that they are not stiff. Additionally, watering them reduces the chances of breakage.
Once the tiles are dry, they are laid on the floor and cut to acquire the right shape to achieve a given pattern. Afterwards, the tiles should be laid close to the laying surface so that technicians can easily reach them with ease while working.

Commence the laying Procedure

Normally, a thin layer of mortar is mixed as directed on the packet instruction. Using a trowel, the mortar is applied on the terracotta, and the hedges are combed to create a groove that will ensure an adhesion is achieved. After that, the tiles are gently laid into place with a specific measurement spacer for consistent spacing.
Notably, the mortar that accidentally lands on the surface of a terracotta tile should be removed immediately using sponge and water.

Grout Application

Grouting is the last procedure in tile installation. Normally, it is applied when the floor is dry and can be stepped. But before it is applied, spacers should be eliminated from the floor. Since terracotta tiles come in various texture, there are some suitable sealing to befit each of them. For instance.

Homemade terracotta

Since it is highly porous, sealing is done before grouting. Other technicians seal them before they are laid. Its one’s choice to decide when to seal them. Besides, such terracotta tiles demand a thick layer of sealant.

Stoneware terracotta

It has a low water absorption rate, and therefore, pre-sealing is not really important. However, grouting is necessary to reduce water absorption through tile hedges.
To sum it up, these are the standard procedures of laying terracotta tile. However, technicians are advised to read instruction manuals to ensure that they follow the right procedure in details. What are your opinions concerning the above tips?

Author: clé

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