How To Maintain Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tile is a “cooked earth” used to decorate both indoor and outdoor surfaces. For centuries, it has provided an inviting and warm look in driveways, garden paths and walls. Additionally, it comes in an array of colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

As a natural material, terracotta tiles age with time. Thus, it requires some level of care to keep it appealing. Naturally, this kind of decoration becomes more porous with time, allowing the development of stains and watermarks. If one is not careful, he or she can become a slave to terracotta floor maintenance.
This post highlights a few ways to maintain terracotta tiles to give them a diligent surface and to protect them for the future.

Regular Cleaning

It is a good idea to sweep the terracotta floor every time one cleans the neighbouring environs. Sweeping the tiles clean prevents a buildup of dirt and grime. Additionally, regular sweeping makes the general cleaning much faster and easier.
Notably, dirt accumulation results to surface scratches and also weakening of the tiles.

Use of Mild Detergents/Vinegar

A mixture of warm water and vinegar provide an excellent solution for cleaning terracotta tiles. Ideally, vinegar is a robust stain cleanser and it’s very effective in scrubbing oil, grime and accumulated dirt. Other detergents such as soap can also be used to clean terracotta tiles.
When using detergents to clean the tiles, apply the cleaner and scrub before it sips or dries out. Repeat the procedure until the desired look is achieved. Carefully, clean the edges and avoid scrubbing the grout that is applied between the tiles.
When the cleaning is done, thoroughly wipe the excess moisture, which may result in damage through the way of infiltration.

Ensure Regular Sealing

Whether used indoor or outdoor for decorations, terracotta tiles should often be sealed. Outdoor tiles are at higher risk of deterioration than the interior tiles due to temperature fluctuation as a result of snow or rainfall and intense sunlight.
Sealing should, however, be done regardless of the position of the decoration. Sealing the tiles not only restore the beauty of the tiles but it also prolongs the lifespan of the terracotta floor. Conventionally, water is poured on the terracotta floor and left for some time, if the water is absorbed then the sealant is has torn out and has to the reapplied.
Notably, go through the sealant manual to effectively apply the sealant correctly.

Other maintenance methods

  • Do not step on newly installed terracotta tiles or cured tiles. Give the tiles a grace period of 72 hours
  • Wash tiles on a weekly basis with a damp sponge to acquire a light glow ambience. However, for a deep glow clean the tiles with a warm, mild soapy water.

These tips would positively help individuals maintain terracotta tiles. The cleaning methods are the most common way of maintaining such tiles. Nonetheless, cleaning should be done after choosing the right cleaning method and the right detergents. Name some of the ways one can maintain these tiles.

Author: clé

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