Tips on how to Install a Stock Subway Tile Backsplash

Subway Tiles Backsplash Installation
Your backsplash is the finishing touch of a stunning wall. It needs to be stylish,
yet functional and easy to maintain. By changing or upgrading your backsplash,
you will completely elevate the look and feel of any wall. For a fresh and retro
look try using white ceramic stock subway tiles, they are readily available,
very inexpensive and easy to install. Here are some tips on the whole process
of how to install a stock subway tile backsplash.

First, you need the following materials.

• Notched trowel (to spread adhesive)
• Margin trowel (for mixing material)
• Tile spacers
• Rubber grout float (for applying grout)
• Sponge
• Disposable gloves
• 5-gallon bucket
• Protective eyewear
• Tile nippers or tile wet saw
• Tile
• Thinset
• Grout
• Sanded caulking
• Outlet spacers

Once you have all the supplies the following is the procedure to install subway tiles.

Step 1: Remove the Old Tile

The first step is to remove your old tiles and prep your drywall for fresh tile.
Use a hammer to break the old tiles. Hit the old tiles until they start falling off
the wall.

Step 2: Repair (or Replace) the Drywall

Use a multi-tool to cut all around the damaged drywall and pull it off the wall.
Put up fresh drywall by first measuring your area and cut a piece of drywall, then
screw the piece into the studs. Once your space is filled with drywall, apply drywall
tape on all the joints, and then mud the joints and screw the holes with drywall

Usually, you require to allow the drywall compound to dry for 24 hours before
applying the second coat. Then sand it down with a sanding block for a beautiful
and smooth surface.

Step 3: Apply Thinset

Once your drywall is ready, apply thinset. Choose the area you will start from,
then use a trowel to scoop up the thinset. Apply the thinset directly to the space
with the smooth side of the trowel at a 45-degree angle.

Step 4: Lay Your Tiles in a Subway Pattern

Once the thinset is applied to your space, you can start placing the tiles.
To place your tile in a subway pattern, start with a full piece of tile on your first
row, then cut a piece of tile in half to begin your second row. Continue that pattern,
and you’ll end up with the longed for and classic subway pattern. To keep the tiles
levelled and uniformly spaced use spacers. On the ends use a wet saw to cut your
tiles while making sure when you measure to allow for the grout joint. Continue
doing this until you have completed the stock subway tile installation.

Step 5: Grouting

After tiles sets overnight, use a grout joint cleaning tool to remove any thinset
from the tile joints or surface. Then using a rubber float spread grout. If any
excess grout is applied use a damp sponge to give the stock subway tile
backsplash a clean finish.

Author: clé

clé is a new searching and shopping experience for anyone in need of classic tile, ceramic tile and artistic tile accumulated from two perspectives- yours and ours. It's a complete exploration of every aspect of tile- from the way we imagine tiles, pursue artistic collaborations with artists and designers and even in the way we offer tiles to our clients.

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