An In-depth Look at Concrete Cement Tiles

Concrete Cement Tiles

Concrete cement tiles can be a lovely alternative to linoleum, hardwood, or carpet.
This type of floor covering lends itself to a variety of different interior aesthetics,
including Tuscan, Modern, and Traditional. They’re easy to clean and maintain and
have the durability to keep their luster even in high traffic areas such as a kitchen or
entryway. Best of all, concrete cement tiles can fit in any remodeling budget. Here
are some things to understand when you’re putting in your new flooring.

Use an eye-catching pattern to tie your room together

Concrete cement tiles don’t just come in standard neutral shades – in fact, one of the
things that homeowners and decorators like best about this floor covering is the
vast options for patterns, colors, and designs. From simple tumbling blocks or small
repeating floral patterns to vividly colored Moroccan-inspired tile patterns, using
tiles can draw the whole room together or tell a design story.

Tiles aren’t just for the floor

Concrete cement tiles aren’t just a lovely floor covering. Their durability makes them
an ideal wall covering in a bathroom or as a kitchen backsplash. Pairing a busy,
colorful pattern with sleek hardwood floors or muted carpet is a simple way to punch
up the appeal of any interior. Modern advances in mixing and setting have allowed
designers to achieve an almost endless variety of color and texture effects with this
versatile material.

Choose floating shelves in a kitchen or bathroom to store and display items –
the brightly patterned tiles in the background can make a cohesive look. Use
concrete tiles in a large walk-in shower to open up the space and reduce feelings
of claustrophobia – bonus if you incorporate a glassed-in shower enclosure.
This allows your stylish tiles to really pop.

Concrete tiles are very durable

Relax and enjoy your space knowing that your concrete cement tile will last for
decades. With proper sealing and care, your flooring or wall covering can last
longer than wood or carpet, and withstand even the heaviest force. Choose concrete
tiles for a garage to add life to the space. Concrete resists drips form autos, as well
– oil and other fluids that can stain typical coverings are easily cleaned from sealed,
treated tiles. The durability means that the floors are difficult to damage. Shoes
with high heels or cleats, furniture, and the most vigorous play from children
won’t even scratch the tiles. They’re ideal for a basement playroom!

Concrete cement tile is environmentally friendly, durable, and long-lasting.
IT can be easily installed, at a fraction of the cost of marble or hardwood. These tiles
can suit any taste and interior design.

Author: clé

clé is a new searching and shopping experience for anyone in need of classic tile, ceramic tile and artistic tile accumulated from two perspectives- yours and ours. It's a complete exploration of every aspect of tile- from the way we imagine tiles, pursue artistic collaborations with artists and designers and even in the way we offer tiles to our clients.

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