7 Ways You Can Use Concrete Cement Tiles For Your Home Decor in 2019

The interior design world is craving concrete cement tiles; in fact, it is one of
this year’s biggest design trends. This is due to affordability, durability, and the
intriguing art of laying such tiles in a number of multi-colored styles.

Although the trend has existed for several years, in various regions where it
is handcrafted in traditional blueprints, it has undergone a revolution that
resulted in audacious patterns.

Concrete cement tiles are tremendously rising in popularity among interior
designers and are steadily becoming famous in modern housing. Such fame
is due to their unique pattern and design that boasts a strong character and
roots, which are pragmatic and democratic in nature.

Advantages of using Concrete Cement Tile

1 – Concrete cement tiles are easy to clean and maintain

2 – They are sleek and provide a sturdy foundation
3 – They can be shaped into various inlaid design
4 – They are also versatile and can be crafted into a great dynamism of style

to inspire a great look

Even though concrete tiles may appear cold and flat, they provide a myriad of
outstanding ways to create a neutral backdrop for several design styles. As a
result, artisans are not only limiting its use to flooring and fixtures but have
also diversified its scope of use to constructing elegant decor pieces such as
lamp stands and candlesticks.

Therefore, if anyone is looking to find the best interior design element, which
is chic, fresh, eco-friendly, and will stand the test of time, he or she should look
no further than concrete cement tiles.

Here are seven ways one can use concrete cement tiles

for his or her home decor in 2019.

Concrete Lamp

Cement tiling has gained its way over to lighting. Artisans can show their
prowess by designing elegant bases of a pendant chic light. Concrete lamps
are easy to style. One can follow DIY step-by-step to make the lighting base
on his or her own.

Concrete wall

It comes in a variety, from flat to 3D printing. For the love of fine or coarse texture,
one is able to choose what he or she wants. Most importantly, the multitude of
patterns and sizes in 3D is fascinating since they portray restrained luxury and
offers a tweak of lifetime style.

Bathroom Sink

Concrete cement tile is a strong and sturdy material used for a bathroom sink.
Its light color doubles as an elusive palette for the bathroom and an impactful
element in otherwise minimal space.

Concrete fireplace

To distance from the obvious and ordinary fireplace, built from wood and bricks,
an individual can choose to construct a concrete fireplace instead. This way
he or she will design a unique and modern concrete tiled fireplace, that provides
his or her living room with a stylish look.

Concrete Shelves

Concrete shelves are undoubtedly robust in nature and are dependable
upon to hold heavier relics. Moreover, artisans can style them depending on
the required instructions.

Cement tile flooring

For several years, the concrete tiling was relegated to garages and sidewalks.
However, right now an individual can borrow such inspirations, and typically
bring the art into residential homes to give the concrete time in the spotlight.
Notably, to achieve the optimal beauty of the floor, the cemented tiled floor
should be covered with boldly-patterned rugs and furniture.

Concrete in the Kitchen

In the contemporary world, concrete tiles appear cool in a combination of other
decent accents. To achieve a sleek lighting in the kitchen, one can decide
to install luxurious intricate patterned tiles of colors of his or her liking,
starting with counter top, and extends to the flooring if he or she is committed.
A perfect blend of variant colors provide a terrific look of his or her kitchen.

These are just but a few ways one can use concrete cement tiles for his
or her home decor. There exist others, are you ready to adventure world
of concrete tiles? Kindly, feel free to comment we would love to hear your
design plans below.

Author: clé

clé is a new searching and shopping experience for anyone in need of classic tile, ceramic tile and artistic tile accumulated from two perspectives- yours and ours. It's a complete exploration of every aspect of tile- from the way we imagine tiles, pursue artistic collaborations with artists and designers and even in the way we offer tiles to our clients.

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